How To Buy Your Daughter’s First Bra February 22, 2017

For a mother, there are many milestones while raising children and especially when raising daughters. Once your daughter starts to enter puberty, her body changes and while it’s an exciting time, it can be nerve wracking for mothers to realise that their babies are becoming women. One of the biggest events in a girl’s young life is when she starts to wear bras. This is an undeniable sign that she is entering womanhood and developing femininity.  It’s important to buy the right bra for your daughter as well, as you want her to feel comfortable in it. She’ll already feel weird enough about her newly developing body as it is without adding uncomfortable underwear to it. That’s why it’s important to choose junior underwear that will be comfortable but also perform its functions.

The type of junior underwear you want to start her off with depends entirely on how fast she develops. While some girls spend a few months in unlined training bras first, other girls need underwire and support from a young age. You’ll be able to judge this for yourself by monitoring her growth and asking her what feels most comfortable. As she grows, it’s likely that you’ll have to replace her bras regularly. Some will grow in cup size faster than you thought possible, while others will develop slowly, getting more use out of their bras.

If your daughter needs a bigger bra regularly, it would be a good idea to give her something for stretch marks. Growing that fast is bound to stretch the skin and permanent scarring can be prevented by use of things such as bio oil. Even girls who develop slowly are at risk for this, so be sure to buy all the necessary things.

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