Is it Time for Filter Replacement? February 22, 2017

Your air compressor depends upon a clean air filter to work properly. It is important that you have air compressor filters on hand at all times, in case they are needed. Without a clean air filter, your air compressor may endure added strain and wear and tear, and you may also find your energy bills  more expensive than normal.  Paying attention to the signs that your air compressor needs a new filter is ideal and ensures that your system is in tip-top condition at all times. What are the signs that you need a new air compressor filter?

The time to change the air filter in your air compressor varies, according to the brand and style of filter that you own, as well as the type of unit that you own. Most of the OEM air filters have capabilities of holding up to 1.5 PSI volume, but you should change the filter before it reaches maximum capacity. When you change the air filter on your air compressor regularly, you’ll be sure that clean air flows throughout the room, minimize problems to your health, and maintain the life of your unit. It is a good idea to change the air filter when the level reaches about 0.87 hours. In other words, you should change the filter after about 8,000 hours of use.

If you need help determining if it is time to change the filter, you can easily find professionals available who can examine the unit and change the filter if necessary. You can also find information available on the web. Filters are inexpensive with many different options on the market, and with such great benefits, there is no reason for you to leave one inside of your unit longer than necessary.

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